iPhone 4S poor battery life: iOS 5 location services bug

Many Apple iPhone 4S customers have been complaining about the poor battery life, and we was one of them, it seems that this bad feature is being caused by a iOS 5 location services bug. The bug is apparently all down to the “Setting Time Zone” within the Location Services settings.

The iPhone 4S poor battery life is a nightmare for customers; some have experienced the problem where at least two full charges are needed in any one-day.

We here at Phones Review reported back on October 22 about the battery life on the iPhone 4S, we mentioned “Earlier on today we had 2% battery life, we let it run down low so we could charge it back to 100%, we did this and ONLY 45 minutes later the iPhone 4S is on 81%, that tells us that we on an average getting only 5-hours battery life per one full charge.”

According to the Guardian, they done a few tests themselves, they found that their iPhone 4S only achieved 36 hours of battery life with a mixture of Wi-Fi, mobile data, and combined use. This test included 6 hours using apps, browsing the web, using the phone and using some location services, what they were testing needed to have the “Setting Time Zone” tab activated.

The “Setting Time Zone” option as we know, will change the time on the smartphone automatically from one time zone to another, so this means that the bug is pinging the location server, this will happen even if the user stays within the same time zone, which will act to drain the battery.

If you are having battery life problems with the Apple iPhone 4S, maybe you should consider turning the Setting Time Zone off. Please do try it and let us know if you gain more battery time.

We would really love to know, if by turning off the location settings, does it help the iPhone 4S battery life?


3 thoughts on “iPhone 4S poor battery life: iOS 5 location services bug”

  1. Duane says:

    I appreciate the testing and reviews, but really the grammatical problems of verb use, tense and misspellings gets in the way of readability and casts doubt on the efficacy of the reviews and your commentary. (c.f., line 2 above, “.. and we was one of them”)  

    Accordingly, I’d recommend that, at a minimum, you prepare the blog in MSWord or some environment with a spelling or grammar checker.  Or get a literate native speaker to review before posting.  You are providing a good services but shoot yourself in the foot with poor grammatical/communications skills. This advice comes from a careless typist and poor speller himself who has to follow his own advice–so I am sympathetic to the problem.(-;

  2. Tomtom121 says:

    I have turned off all services including wi-fi, location services, mail services etc with brightness at its dimmest – battery life lasts 4 hrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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