Google Doodle prompts Marie Curie Cancer Care App

Today Google is celebrating Marie Curie’s 144th birthday, the Google Doodle prompts the Marie Curie Collection Tin iPhone app. This application has the Great Daffodil stamped on it, which is all to do with the Great Daffodil Appeal, Marie Curie Cancer Care’s biggest fundraising campaign happens throughout March each year.

Daffodil pin badges are sold via street collections and shops, everyone is encouraged to wear them as this shows fantastic support of Marie Curie Nurses. The Daffodil Marie Curie Cancer Care in 1986 adopted the flower emblem, and is the emblem of leading cancer charities in Republic of Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

The Marie Curie Collection Tin App

This app is well worth downloading, as we all know nurses across the world provide end of life care to people with cancer and other terminal illnesses, this care happens at hospices and at their homes.

The Collection Tin app allows users to ask any of your mobile phones contacts to make a small SMS donation of either £2 or £5 towards the charities vital work. The app is simple to use, and users only need click on “Start Collecting” and this allows you to send your contacts that details.

Users will not be charged for using this application to send messages; you can send as many messages as you like for free. The app also allows the user to keep track of how many of your contacts have donated in the “Collection Summary”; you can even share your success on Facebook.

For more information and to help a great charity, please visit the Android Market.

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