The idea of selling & recycling your old mobile phone

With the improvement of technology, one day a certain application or mobile device is the new hot thing, but tomorrow better ones replace it. This has left many people with a couple of old phones lying somewhere in their homes without being used at all.

The old phones need to be disposed of in a correct safe manner to the environment because they contain certain toxin such as lithium, lead and nickel that if absorbed into the soil can cause damage to our precious environment. The best thing is to find a suitable mobile phone recycling company that offers great prices for old phones.

The increasingly popular mobile phone recycling comparison site is a company that can offer you good value for your old phone which you can use to buy another phone if you do not have another one. The idea of selling your old mobile phone that is not even in use is great one and even more satisfying is the fact that you get to help save the environment while you do that.

You get to compare the prices offered by other mobile phone recyclers from this site and choose the best one from there as well. So if you are wondering why sell my phone then the answer is, get paid good money for your old mobile phone and contribute saving our environment from electronic waste. Selling your old phone to a recycling company like this is just as easy and simple as 123.

All you need to do is simply search the website for your model online, the web site then presents you with a page where you can check the possible prices and compare with other sites on how much your old phone is worth, it is up to you to then choose who your sell your phone too out of the many recyclers.

The phone might be valueless to you but even so, get paid for it instead of letting it lay in your house. Is your question still how to sell my phone to a recycling company? Well, the mobile phone has to have the following components, the body and the battery unit intact for it to be able to be sold for recycling.

You can keep the earpiece or any other hands free devices that you bought with the mobile phone. All that the mobile phone recycling company wants is the phone with its battery unit. The prices offered here are very competitive as compared to other websites online and you can earn as much as £50 difference with some of the higher value handsets.

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