First Android Island may be Taiwan

Well now we all know how popular the Android platform has become despite effort from Apple to get Android devices banned across the globe, but it would appear the Android just might get something that Apple doesn’t have, the possibility of an Android dedicated Island.

According to the guys over at The Next Web by way of DigiTimes, Japan based Open Embedded Software Foundation has come up with a proposal of a concept to build Taiwan as an Android Island due to Taiwan’s well developed high-tech supply chains.

Basically the Android Island would promote the Android platform in other devices other than smartphones and tablets, such as digital video recorders, in-car computer systems, set-top boxes and Android powered televisions via helping Taiwan based makers adopt Android.

Apparently the concept of having Android orientated areas isn’t that new, as the Open Embedded Software Foundation has already built several Android cities in Japan.

The OSEF Android Island proposal will be presented to the Industrial Development Bureau of Taiwan under the Ministry of Economic Affairs for presumably approval of the plans.

Founded back in 2009, the Open Embedded Software Foundation has roughly 70 members including Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsu, ARM and NTT.

So there you have it, the possibility of the world’s first Android Island, something that Apple can’t lay claim to having can they? More of Taiwan as an Android Island as and when we hear if the plan takes off.

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