New Ice Cream Sandwich OS, 5 reasons to love it

It’s fair to say that manufacturers have been giving Apple a run for their money using Android’s OS, but to up the competition, Android have now just brought out a new OS by the name of the Ice Cream Sandwich, which has just been introduced on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

So why should we love the new OS? We’ve looked at five reasons, but if this doesn’t convince you, then head on over to Cnet.com where in total they’ve found yet another five to add to ours.

First up is that of the new ICS browser, giving the device a speedy connection even if using 3G, with pages opening quickly if accessed. Users can now refuse a call by using a text message, this can be achieved by sliding the screen lock upwards for the user to then hear a pre-recorded message.

Data usage can be logged allowing you the user to keep track of how much time you are spending online, which in the long run will prevent you from going above your monthly limit. Another benefit is that of the increased amount of app storage space, allowing you to put as many apps onto your smartphone as the device allows.

For us here at Phones Review, the one new feature that stands out for us is the new Face Unlock, allowing you to unlock your device with the identification of your face and the ditching of having to use a password. As we say there are more reasons for loving the new 4.0 OS.

Let us know what you think about the new Ice Cream Sandwich?

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