2012 iPhone 5: LCD Hitachi & Sony displays ship?

Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially arrived on the 14th October, despite many hoping for a completely revamped handset, dubbed the iPhone 5. Months and months of speculation went by with new and existing rumours to talk about and finally the new Apple landed. With the iPhone 4S proving as popular as its predecessor, news today has reverted back to the iPhone 5 and its rumoured display.

Put on the back burner for the time being, the fifth gen is still hoped to release next year and talk of its Retina display has surfaced yet again, this time with the collaboration of Hitachi and Sony thrown into the mix.

Courtesy of Recombu.com, it seems both companies will be supplying LCD displays for the new generation handset with the size being that of 4-inches. An iOS device of some description in 2012 is reported to be getting the new LCD display, but as to whether it’s an iPhone 5 is anybody’s guess.

Added to this news, shipments of the displays are rumoured to be already on the way, with “IGZO technology” being included offering a pixel density of 330 dots per inch.

Any updates to this, we will of course bring to you.

What are your thoughts on a possible new iPhone bringing with it a bigger 4-inch screen? Does it tick the box for you?


One thought on “2012 iPhone 5: LCD Hitachi & Sony displays ship?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would love to see an iPhone5 with a larger screen. If it works and runs good, I would say good bye to my Thunderbolt, that was anything but a lightening. More of a fizzle.

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