Samsung sale figures rise, Galaxy S II & Nexus aid

Although Apple have now brought out the new iPhone 4S and it’s proving a must have for many consumers, it’s fair to say that South Korean rivals Samsung have had a fantastic 2011 and we’ve still got a few weeks to go until the start of 2012.

As well as releasing a new Galaxy Tab slate this year in three varying sizes, we’ve seen an array of mobile phones to land on retailer shelves. The most popular by far is of course the Galaxy S II, and now it seems the new Galaxy Nexus and Note are hot on its heels. With estimated sales figures of the S2 already broken, the company have now according to electronista.com, had to revise their smartphone 2011 sales figures.

During quarter 3, shipments of smartphones had risen up to 19% from year over year with a figure of 71 million phones, with an impressive figure of at least 20 million S2’s being sold compared to just over 17 million iPhones during the same period.

With the Galaxy Nexus now rumoured to be releasing on December 8th with Verizon and the Galaxy Note also being a hot contender with its smartphone come tablet form, should Apple have reason to worry?

Give us your thoughts, are you a Samsung fan, if so what device have you got or are considering purchasing?


2 thoughts on “Samsung sale figures rise, Galaxy S II & Nexus aid”

  1. Rcorsi says:

    I am definitely going to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Prime) as soon as it comes out.  The specs on it are the best I have seen and the form is very beautiful. 

  2. Jon Barron says:

    Love my Galaxy Neuxs. Specs aren’t the best out there, but plenty good enough and it’s a pleasure to use. A lot of the apps I’d paid for on my iphone were also free to replace with Android which was a bonus. 

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