Top 5 Christmas games: Android apps

The Christmas season is fast approaching and what better way to get into the spirit, with playing a whole host of games on your Android device. Whether you’ve got a mobile phone or a tablet device, there is a selection to choose from and we’ve picked five of our favorites.

First up on our top five is that of the Christmas Puzzle: Jigsaw from MadRabbit. Puzzle pieces will need to be dragged into position to recreate the Christmassy image. As with most games, the further you advance into the game, the harder it becomes.

Next up for us is that of the Christmas Music Trivia app, which coincidentally has just been updated for the Motorola, Samsung and Sony Ericsson devices. The new app will test your music knowledge with quiz game questions from music artists past and present.

Our third option for the younger generation is that of the Christmas Tree Decoration app, allowing your child to decorate a tree with baubles, garlands and so on. On choosing your decs, they can be dragged into position and put onto the tree, although there is an educational aim to the game, it’s mainly for fun!

Moving onto our final two, that of the Zombie Christmas app, designed for those who want to fend off zombie elves trying to steal gifts from under the tree, and lastly that of the Christmas Mahjong app costing £0.59 to buy. The solitaire style game uses themes and various levels related to the holiday season, with the aim of unlocking sections to move onto the next.

Head on over to android.com in order to get a full listing of not just these but plenty more. What will you be playing this Christmas?

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