iPhone 4S transparent glass back panels available

So if you have ever fancied having the internals of your sparkling new iPhone 4S on display for all your friends to see and talk about, that is now made possible by the transparent glass back panel for the iPhone 4S from non other than those teardown professionals the iFixit guys.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of The Next Web, the iFixit guys have placed a special introductory offer on the iPhone 4S transparent glass back panel and offer the package for a introductory price of $29.95.

Included in the package is that iOS smartphone transparent glass rear panel, the Liberation Kit that is the tools for getting past the pentalobe screws used on the iPhone 4S, a screen protector for keeping your beloved handset display nice and clean and a Thirsty Bag for drying your handset if it is unfortunate enough to take a dip in water.

The package normally sells for $50 but the guys are offering it at a reduced price until stock runs out, and if you haven’t yet upgraded to the iPhone 4S they also do a package for the iPhone 4 so they got you covered there as well.

Not too sure just why anyone would really want to have the internals of their smartphone on display for all to see, but I guess that’s down to personal choice, so if you really way to put the guts of your iPhone on display you can now do so.

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One thought on “iPhone 4S transparent glass back panels available”

  1. Eeep!  You need a proof-reader for your posts!
    “… from non other than …”
    “… so they got you covered …”
    “… if you really way to put the …”
    Also, the number of missing commas is staggering.

    Aside from that, it might be cool to see the inner workings of the phone.

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