Using iPhone 4S Siri as remote control, video

Today saw us here at Phones Review reporting on a challenger to Apple’s iOS Siri, in the form of Android Cluzee. Although lacking the Siri technology, Android users will start to feel like they aren’t missing the voice recognition boat.

Unfortunately just when you thought Siri couldn’t get anymore involved in our lives, another voice integration idea pops up. As Engadget reports, Siri’s custom commands have seen the system control things like the heating in your house, down to utilizing the Bluetooth connectivity in your car.

However shown in a video clip, a clever linking between the iPhone 4S Siri system and a television sees the operator asking Siri to change the channel on the set. Before selecting the chosen channel, Siri comments on what is currently being shown, before asking if the user would like to view the station. Once confirmed, the selected channel is changed, and Siri decides to inform the user of his laziness.

With or without the clever comments, this display really shows the lengths in which Siri can be used. But is this all a bit to much, are we going to end up without remote controls for the TV, no keys for the car or wallets for our cash? Are our lives going to rely purely on our smartphones? Check out the video and give us your thoughts, clever leaps in technology or unnecessary additions?

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