Galaxy Nexus take on rumored Droid RAZR MAX?

Two of the major smartphone players at the present time are that of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola’s Droid RAZR. Whilst the big red US carrier Verizon are still waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive (rumored Dec 8th), Motorola has been stealing a little of the limelight with their new Droid 4 rumored to be coming this month. Although in specs it’s fairly similar to the RAZR, it does have the appeal of a slide-out keyboard.

But what do we hear now? Not another Motorola being thrown into the mix? Today news via fonehome.co.uk, has reported that in order to up the competition against the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, they will in fact be bringing out a revamped version of the Droid RAZR, called the RAZR MAX. At this stage we’ll not sure how much truth is in this, or if in fact it’s the new XT928 that’s heading to China.

If a so-called Droid RAZR MAX does show itself, we may be looking at a chunkier model with improved battery life and HD screen, therefore giving it perhaps more credibility against the Galaxy Nexus.

Do you think that the Motorola Droid RAZR should be slightly revamped to fend off Galaxy Nexus attention?


3 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus take on rumored Droid RAZR MAX?”

  1. dominick zappia says:

    I tried the razr for a week while anxiously waiting for the  nexus to come out. I loved the  phone aside from the screen resolution,  the battery life,  and I actually felt the phone was too thin to hold comfortably. Sounds like the Max might be the ticket!  The water resist feature is big factor vs the gnex and removable memory.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this answers my question why verizon has not released the Galaxy Nexus to buy time for Motorala to make a better screen for the Razr phones   F U verizon!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think that both Verizon and Motorola needs to get a hold of themselves. While they are happy to fill their registers and bankaccounts by selling the newest and greatest every other month, they are essentially burning their customer base. In my case, I was going to buy a Droid X2 but then I heard about the Bionic. When I was warming up to the idea of the Bionic, the RAZR was starting to peek out. Now that they RAZR is out, the Droid 4 is almost here but there is an HD version rumored for both the D4 and the RAZR devices. As I wait for those, I might just buy a Rezound or Nexus and tell Moto to F themselves. 

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