Carrier IQ Detector for Android mobile devices

I’m pretty sure by now everyone in the mobile space knows about all the hoo-har concerning Carrier IQ and that it sends data back to manufacturers and operators, and to find out whether your smartphone has Carrier IQ installed is a bit of work; however if you own an Android handset there is now an app available that will locate whether your smartphone ha Carrier IQ installed.

The app is called Carrier IQ Detector, and basically does what it says on the tin, it can be a bit of hard work for non-tech users to discover whether their device is infected with Carrier IQ and thus the Carrier IQ Detector app has been developed to aid the user in discovering if their device has Carrier IQ running.

However the Carrier IQ Detector app for Android will not remove the software due to it being deeply integrated with the handset firmware and thus a user would need special device privileges to get it removed.

The Carrier IQ Detector app will keep the user informed as to just what their handset is doing but is not meant as a replacement for Lookout Mobile Security and will not detect or repair malware.

So basically if you own an Android smartphone and want to find out whether your handset has Carrier IQ installed albeit not really being able to do anything about it whatsoever, you can download the Carrier IQ Detector app for free from the Android Market.

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