New Year resolutions 2012: The need for Android

Already releasing on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS with an abundance of new improvements, is looked to be the next inclusion that smartphone and tablet manufacturers will want. It will bring better graphics and cameras and even the implementation of a voice recognition feature such as Apple’s Siri but will this be enough?

Although Google may try to ready a feature like the iPhone 4S Siri, the massive tech company may look to implement more voice functions into more of its apps, for example as pcworld.com pointed out the new “Google Translate App,” with speech being adapted into one of over 50 different languages.

Or what about vastly improved camera software? Currently the new Android 4.0 OS brings the benefit of panoramic photos amongst others, with 2012 possibly being the time that one feature of “face detection,” will be seen via an Android update. Tablets may get their video chat quality upped with improved focus and video quality, with an increase seen with tablets running 4G and LTE networks such as Verizon.

New apps released with the new Ice Cream Sandwich will in turn make the playing of games run more smoothly and look better, with older apps benefiting from an update allowing their performance to be upped, with definitions being seen between dual-core and single core chips.

According to some sources, users may be seeing at least two different updates next year, one of which will be a major change possibly named “Jellybean.”

Are you a fan of Android, perhaps you have the Galaxy Nexus running with Android’s new 4.0 OS?

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