3G HTC Flyer Android Honeycomb update, you got it?

If you are an owner of the 3G HTC Flyer tablet and getting a bit bored with playing along with Android 2.3 Gingerbread as your tablet operating system and would rather be playing nice with the tablet orientated Android 3.2 Honeycomb OS, then your long wait for the update is finally over, as the Honeycomb update has started rolling out.

According to the HTC Facebook page the Android Honeycomb update for the 7-inch slate is for the 3G version only however an update for the WiFi HTC Flyer will be pushed out soon.

The Android Honeycomb update for the HTC Flyer will of course bring a load of improvements to the HTC Flyer along with such things as the latest version of HTC Sense for tablets featuring enhanced browsing, calendar, mail and more.

The HTC Flyer has been rolling along on Android Gingerbread for quite some time, and must have thought they would never see the update to Honeycomb, but it’s finally here and will hit your 3G slate at some point.

So we’d like to hear from our HTC Flyer toting readers out there if you have received the Android Honeycomb update for your device yet and if so how its going, is it working fine or have you experienced any issues? Feel free to voice your opinions of the Honeycomb update to our comments area below.

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11 thoughts on “3G HTC Flyer Android Honeycomb update, you got it?”

    1. Markiv Laup7 says:

      hi  there ,
                     well i just wanna ask that can we call from this device like mobile phone ?

  1. Morten says:

    I just got the update. Not impressed. The flyer seems slower. some auto rotations not working. and most annoying of all, they disabled the iff screen buttons, which in my opinion were one if the best features on this device as i didnt have to go fingering in some tiny area onscreen for a simple “back” function. as im writing this i also notice that the keyboard is very buggy. the autocomplete is gone. it doea not auto caps after a period as you can see. the arrow keys dont work and usually drops me out of the keyboard. 
    and all this is just after five minutes of testing . the honeycomb os was part of the reason why i sent back the transformer and got a flyer in stead. this os is not to my liking at all. especiakly for the flyer. i found this page as i was looking for a downgrade tutorial. 

    if you are very happy with your flyer as it is, even with its minor bugs – upgrading is going to change the whole device to something completely unrecognizable. 

  2. doep says:

    I agree, the update is definitely not an improvment – the flyer is notably slower. A lot of apps crashes and is forced to close. I asked at a HTC shop, there is no way to go back to gingerbread. We’re stuck!

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