Nokia Lumia 800 update, better battery & WiFi sharing

For all you Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800 toting fans out there you might like to keep your eyes on your smartphone today as word is you will be receiving an update to your Nokia Lumia 800 starting as of today the 7th of December and apparently it isn’t the 7.10.7740.16 update mentioned last week.

According to an article over on My Nokia Blog by way of WMPoweruser, this new update for the Nokia Lumia 800 could possibly deliver WiFi sharing along with battery improvements to the handset, we previously posted that Nokia would be rolling out an update after numerous complaints of battery issues.

Nokia had previously mentioned that an update for the Nokia Lumia 800 would bring WiFi sharing and better battery life and it appears that they have kept good to their word and the update is said to roll out today to all countries that have released the Windows Phone.

Other than that little piece of information on the Lumia 800 update there’s no word on if the update delivers anything else. So if you do own a Nokia Lumia 800 keep your eyes open for that update to hit and once it does feel free to let us know if it does solve the battery problems or if you find anything else new by posting to our comments area below.

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6 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 800 update, better battery & WiFi sharing”

  1. Spectral_Knight_ says:

    could do with adding a facility to use custom sms tones, other than the pitiful selection of made to ignore sounds that are on there.

  2. Roberts 1966 says:

    when i am on the phone my screen goes completely black and i can’t cancel the call, i have to switch the phone off and back on again. As anyone else got this problem.

  3. Sikander S16 says:

    Anyone has issues connecting to WIFI – WPA-Enterprise?  I’m unable to connect. for some reason the default its trying to connect through WPA2-Enterprise. which is causing the problem. any work around?

  4. kinaton says:

    The screen goes blank during a call, there is sensor on the top above the nokia logo.. I found out whilst it was on my desk.

    The battery update is worse thank before

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