RIM BBX dead, BlackBerry 10 OS birth

To many people, Canadian phone makers of the BlackBerry “Research in Motion” may not have been having the best time of late. Their PlayBook tablet hasn’t been scoring highly with consumers, with earnings expectations squashed leaving the third quarter dropping to $485 million in America leaving shareholders feeling anxious. Along with this, two of the company’s executives have been sacked and so on. On the flipside to this, the company will now be offering a new “BlackBerry Mobile Fusion MDM” as it’s known, which will offer a cross-platform device management service, amongst other features.

Today BlackBerry news continues, in which crackberry.com have stated that the next OS to be called BBX, will in fact be called “BlackBerry 10.”

Filtering through from the BlackBerry DevCon Asia, Research in Motion have now decided to change the name, the obvious reason being that the company had had their hands tied, when company BASIS won a restraining order stopping the Canadian company from using the name, this was based on trademark infringement.

What do you think about the new OS name?

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