BlackBerry Milan a BlackBerry 10 slider pictured

We recently reported that Research In Motion’s new operating system called BBX will be killed off and will hence be known as BlackBerry 10 OS apparently changing the name of the new operating system due to trademark infringement. Anyway BBX will now be know as BlackBerry 10 and an unannounced device has been pictured that will come with BlackBerry 10 aboard.

According to an article over on Unwired View by way of Crackberry, old Research In Motion is gearing up to push out the BlackBerry Milan, a BlackBerry 10 device with a slider form factor for release sometime next year.

According to the guys although obviously there are no specifications available yet for the BlackBerry Milan, the picture of the handset does reveal that the BlackBerry smartphone will sport a large touch screen and come out to play with a sliding QWERTY keyboard.

The Crackberry guys also say that the next generation BlackBerry smartphones will sport “amazing displays” and have a pixel density higher than the PPI of the iPhone 4 Retina display, which could mean new BlackBerry smartphone might tout HD touch screens like some rival Android handsets.

Apparently the BlackBerry London will also run BlackBerry 10 OS just like the BlackBerry Milan, so if the Milan packs similar specs we can at least expect an 8 megapixel rear facing camera, 2 megapixel front facing camera, and a 1.5GHz dual core processor, but that is just supposition and we will of course pass those BlackBerry Milan specs on as soon as they become available.

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