iPhone Christmas 2011 Gifts: iLaunch Thunder

As Christmas is getting ever closer no doubt many will want to get their iOS friends an iPhone related Christmas gift, of which there are many about including robots, drones and helicopters and the like, and thus we have yet another iPhone toy for your consideration in the iLaunch Thunder, an iPhone controlled missile launcher.

The iLaunch Thunder for the iPhone is brought to our attention by the guys over at iDownoad Blog and is actually a missile launcher for your desktop that rotates and fires foam missiles at whatever you want to target and rotation and launching of a missile can be controlled via any iOS device including the Apple iPad.

The iLaunch Thunder uses an iOS app to enable targeting and firing a missile at a target within 25-feet whilst the launcher can rotate 40 degrees vertically and 270 degrees horizontally, so if you have that annoying person freaking you out simply pelt them with your iLaunch Thunder missiles.

And just so you can see how the iLaunch Thunder works, we have a short demonstration video for your viewing pleasure below where you can see that you can press to fire or shake to fire the missile launcher.

I can see hours of endless fun and destruction coming from the iLaunch Thunder, so if you wish to purchase the iPhone accessory you can do so by hitting up USB Brando where the device is up for sale at a cost of $82, normally priced at $97.

Anyway head on down and mash that play button to check out the iLaunch Thunder in action; will you be picking up this iPhone missile launcher this Christmas?

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