Apple iPad 3 coming in Feb with double resolution screen

Well now apparently we can all expect Apple’s next iOS slate, presumably the Apple iPad 3 to arrive in the mobile space sometime in February according to the latest rumour hitting the net waves, although whether that next generation iPad will be called the iPad 3 is still up for debate considering the rumours that Apple’s next tablet outing could be an upgraded Apple iPad 2.

Anyway according to an article over on MacRumors by way of Business Insider, Citi analyst Richard Gardner appears to be the source of the latest iPad 3 release speculation with the analyst saying “several sources” of the unnamed variety of course, say the next iPad will arrive in February.

Apparently these unknown sources have also stated that the next iPad (apparently they are not referring to it as the Apple iPad 3, hence possibly an upgraded iPad 2) will come with a double resolution screen.

Gardner further comments that there doesn’t appear to be “any significant hurdles remaining” that could possibly delay the release of a higher resolution iOS slate and ends with “despite rumours to the contrary.”

We also posted previously that there is a possibility that the Apple iPad 3 will be somewhat thicker than the Apple iPad 2 although the reason for this extra thickness hadn’t been revealed but could possible be down to earlier reports of a new light bar for that double resolution display.

However I guess the big question here revolves around that “next iPad” thing, will Apple deliver the iPad 3 in February or will it be an upgraded iPad 2 and if so will you pick it up or give it a miss until Apple does push out the full on Apple iPad 3?

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