Apple loses Samsung ban lift appeal in Australia

It would appears that when it comes to the tech battle down under, iOS giant Apple is on a bit of a losing streak against rival Samsung, as you are probably aware after months of going after Samsung over claims that Sammy gear copies Apple gear, a preliminary injunction banning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was won by Apple and later lifted to which Apple appealed the ruling.

Well according to an article over on Business Week, Apple has lost that appeal to get the ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 reinstated, which means Samsung can now offer the Australia public their Android Honeycomb slate.

Apple failed to persuade the high court panel that the company could win the appeal and thus a hearing was denied and Chief Justice Robert French on behalf of the 3-judge panel officially reinstated the appeal court judgment to allow the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia.

So another loss for Apple in the law courts and puts an end to Apple keeping the rival slate out of the Australian publics hands just in time for the busy Christmas shopping season.

Stephen Burley, a lawyer for Apple claimed that the appeal court had made a mistake in overturning the ban on the Galaxy Tab 10.1, and claimed that Samsung would “visit harm on Apple” by being able to sell the Android tablet.

However Katrina Howard, Samsung’s lawyer said that it was “critical” the company were allowed to start selling the tablet before Christmas, something the high court panel agreed with and thus reinstated the lift of the ban.

Obviously things down under are not quite going the way Apple would have liked but no doubt this battle between the two mobile tech giants will continue for a lot longer yet as they are fighting each other in other countries over the same thing but perhaps the outcome in Australia might spread to those other countries, something Apple doesn’t really want happening.

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