HP WebOS open source confirmed, join the journey

Many have been waiting on the announcement that company HP could in fact be joining webOS and going open source. Today according to HP’s CEO Meg Whitman, the company will be branching out with the resources of HP fully behind it.

According to palm.com, the future of webOS will bring an entire new meaning to it, with HP truly committed to webOS as what is reported as a “cloud-connected, scalable platform” whilst opening up new possibilities for platform expansion and improvement.

On top of HP now confirming their commitment to webOS open source and what will be an interesting journey ahead, talk is that HP could still be looking to build webOS tablet devices, despite the TouchPad’s poor performance. This is good news for developers meaning that the software platform can be “played around with” at anytime for anyone at no cost to them.

Meg Whitman has been keen to state that her company are planning to manufacture hardware running with webOS but cannot firmly say whether it will be next year. Added to this, Whitman was keen to recognize that tablet devices will be implemented but the company will not be exploring the smartphone business again anytime soon.

Give us your thoughts on HP joining in with webOS open source?

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