iOS AirPlay via Bluetooth for lower-latency connection

Bluetooth connectivity has been a part of our lives for quite some time now, but usage of the wireless technology has been slow. Apple has now been rumored to be readdressing the Bluetooth facility with possible links to their AirPlay addition.

Apple’s AirPlay is a familiar system to most, but with only a small amount of standalone speakers and stereo receivers available, its lack of accessory manufacturer backup has left the Cali Company looking into alternatives.

A report from idownload blog has stated that Apple is taking a serious look at Bluetooth with an interest in bringing out a new connectivity chip to allow a wider range of iOS compatible accessories. These findings were discovered after Apple hosted a Conference just last week in China, where it revealed its future plans in a MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) presentation.

Apple has already introduced Bluetooth 4.0 in their latest MacBook Airs, Minis and the iPhone 4S. With the reworked chip hardware interaction would be opened to iOS devices using AirPlay, WiFi or Bluetooth. There is also talk of the new Apple TV using the low-energy wireless technology, and with an AirPlay connection via Bluetooth the need for a wireless network would be redundant.

Do you think that Apple will be able to optimize the Bluetooth connectivity to bring a new form of system linking?

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