New HP Tablets (WebOS) 2013 release expectancy

As you know, the webOS HP TouchPad wasn’t a big success for HP and webOS when it first hit the tablet space, but once HP dropped the price to an all-time low of $99 the webOS TouchPad flew off shelves, but what about the future of webOS and tablets at HP? Well apparently neither may be dead just yet.

According to the guys over at Apple Insider by way of Tech Crunch, Meg Whitman the chief exec of HP has stated that in the short term HP will bet “heavily” on Windows 8 tablets, the company will indeed make a return to producing webOS enabled tablets, if not in 2012 then in 2013.

Whitman also stated that HP will “retain webOS internally” but make the platform open source, so just like Android, although HP hasn’t delivered any details on what sort of licensing HP plans on offering with the software.

However HP board Member Marc Andreesen commented that releasing webOS as open source there will be future webOS tablets from several vendors, and stated that HP would be amongst those companies designing a new webOS slate although probably not next year but the year after.

Apparently although there remains a possibility of a new webOS HP tablet in the future, HP have said they will not be stepping into the smartphone arena with a webOS enabled smartphone.

So, does the news of a new webOS tablet from HP sometime in the future excite you, or do you feel that it is about time the webOS platform was shelved once and for all?

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