Nokia N900 Mod for gaming pros

The Nokia N900 smartphone is a good mobile device for gamers, as apparently the handset plays along with numerous emulators; however where the Nokia N900 lacks is apparently the keyboard isn’t that easy to use when playing games on the go, but some clever hacker has constructed a gamepad for the Nokia N900, and we have video evidence of it in action for your viewing consideration below.

The Nokia N900 Gamepad vide comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Hackaday and by way of EmerytHacks, the guy that built the Nokia N900 gamepad, and shows off the mod in this almost two and a half minute video.

Apparently the gamepad connects to the Nokia N900 via the USB port and fits nicely over the keyboard and has eight buttons along with a PSP joystick whilst at the heart of the gamepad is an Atmega8A running V-USB software USB stack, and the device emulates a USB keyboard and thus works out of the box with all programs/games.

Obviously not the best looking gamepad out there, and probably only for gaming pros, but if you want to construct the gamepad for your own Nokia N900 a link to the schematic, board and code is available on the hackers website.

That’s it so all you need do now is head on down and mash that play button to check out the gamepad mod working with the Nokia N900 (no sound though)…enjoy.

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