Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets dedicated release date site

Obviously over in the good old US of A, the Big Red have for a while been giving potential customers a bit of a run-around over just when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone will come out to play with numerous release date being rumoured that have come and gone and still no release of the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset stateside.

Now usually those interested in a new smartphone would pick a website and keep visiting that website for news on the smartphone they are looking for, much like Phones Review, however it appears that someone has decided to go a step further for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus release.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena, some clever clogs has decided to launch a dedicated website for the release of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus, with the site being aptly named…hasverizonreleasedthegalaxynex.us.

Have to say this is probably wither someone who has become increasingly annoyed that the Big Red continues to delay the Galaxy Nexus release and thus wanted to poke a little fun, or someone who is fed up with numerous sites reporting on the release delay.

If you hit up the dedicated site you will find out the answer to the question the site url poses emblazoned in large letter with past rumoured release dates underneath, and also shows the current rumoured release date of the 15t of the month, which will more than likely also be added to that crossed off list.

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7 thoughts on “Verizon Galaxy Nexus gets dedicated release date site”

  1. Tim Schmidt says:

    Verizon is alienating customers by not giving any news and letting the rumor mills continue to speculate. My good friend was ready to change from AT&T to get this phone on Verizon as his AT&T contract is up. But after seeing how Verizon has handled this launch, he said he does not want anything to do with Verizon. He said AT&T is not really any better, but at least he knows what to expect with them, Verizon is all over the place with product launches, not consistent.

  2. “which will more than likely also be added to that crossed off list.”
    Haha! I hope so! Verizon has failed its customers and prevented any US customers of other carriers from getting this phone. I hope they keep delaying and never release!

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