Limited Batman: Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 800

For avid Batman fans, you might want to stop what you’re doing in order to listen to what we’ve got to report on! From next year, you will know that the new Dark Knight Rises movie will be out in cinemas, and what better way to celebrate it’s popularity, by bringing out a new smartphone in it’s honor.

When we say a new smartphone dedicated to the movie, what we actually mean is that phone makers Nokia, are in the process of bringing out a “limited number” of the new Lumia 800 devices which will show off the Batman logo positioned on the back of the phone.

The device itself, of which you can see an image at the top of the article, will basically comprise of a black model instead of the bright coloured versions already seen. The Batman logo, which will be created into the back at the bottom of the device, is of course noticeable, but as redmondpie.com pointed out, will be covered when your hand is holding the smartphone.

On purchasing the new limited edition Nokia Lumia 800, you will see that the packaging has also incorporated the smart Batman logo. Check out the embedded video below for your viewing pleasure.

Are you a big Batman fan? Will you be purchasing the new Nokia Lumia 800 with etched out design?

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