Nokia: Fed up with iPhone, Android too complex

As we come to the end of 2011 in just a matter of weeks, the world of smartphones has taken off this year, with an increase in Android devices. This will be helped along now with the release of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus running on Android’s newest Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Apple’s iPhone cannot be forgotten with its introduction of the new iOS 5.0 OS also.

But what interested us today, is that according to Nokia’s Director Niels Munksgaard, the trend amongst the younger generation is that they are getting fed up with the fact that everybody seems to have the iPhone smartphone, and that Android’s OS is in fact “hard to use,” and lacks security, for example the recent Carrier IQ dramas. This in turn then opens a gap for Nokia and their new Windows Phone Mango OS.

One big problem also facing customers is that of the number of devices currently on retailer shelves. When deciding on what phone to purchase can be a minefield, operating systems each offer something different, prices vary, the speed between apps, size of phone and it’s screen, ease of use and so on.

Interestingly, one of the factors that Munksgaard wanted to get across is how the Finnish company recognise that wireless transfers are on the agenda for Nokia handsets, but another need is that of a docking station being available to customers. To find out more on what Nokia’s Director had to say, click onto remondpie.com.

What are your thoughts? Are you in agreement that there may be a large percentage getting fed up with the fact that everybody has got an iPhone, or even that Android is too complex to use? Is Nokia’s new Windows Phone OS the way to go?


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