RedSn0w for iOS 5.0.1, will you wait for untethered jailbreak

The topic of jailbreaking seems to surface more and more, and today’s no exception. Just a matter of days ago, we brought you news about how iOS hacker pod2g had managed to untether a third generation iPod Touch. Click on the link to find out more. Latest news is now pointing towards iOS 5.0.1 and how the Dev Tem has secured a RedSn0w beta 9 for Mac and Windows.

According to idownloadblog.com, recent news is stating that a tethered jailbreak tool has now been updated to combine full support for users with iOS 5.0.1, leaving hacker pod2g to figure out an untethered jailbreak variety for iOS 5.

Further information can be found on the above link with the updated RedSn0w along with other useful details, some of which include: Native support for 5.0.1, giving support automatically extending to all of RedSn0w’s various functions such as Jailbreak, Fetch blobs, Recovery fix and so on.

Other information includes iBooks fixed in 5.0 and 5.0.1, how 3GS old bootrom owners can now create and use custom IPSWs without blobs and so on.

To find out more on this, head on over to the link in the second paragraph.

Tell us whether you will wait for an untethered jailbreak?


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