Android Future Technology: head-up display Google X Glasses

So what’s going on at that rather mysterious place known as Google X, the place where the Google guys tinker with new projects such as future tech for the Android platform? A new smartphone or tablet perhaps, well apparently not, but rather another mobile device in the form of a pair of glasses, yes that’s right, glasses.

However, these Google X Glasses are no ordinary pair of spectacles, as according to the guys over at Slash Gear by way of The New York Times, the Google X Glasses are a standalone device that connects to the mobile web and then lets the user see an heads up display right before their eyes.

Apparently both Apple and Google have been working on delivering wearable tech for a while now with a view to releasing a product sometime in 2012, and apparently both have a small team of engineers working or their respective secret projects with each attaching to the clothes or body.

Whilst according to 9to5Google, a source of the unnamed variety of course has told them that Google is in the late prototype stages with the glasses that apparently look just like normal ‘thick rimmed’ glasses some people already wear.

The source also says that the arms of the glasses sport a few buttons, but it isn’t clear what tech is being used but suggest it could possibly be a transparent LCD or AMOLED display. Furthermore, the 9to5Google guys say that contrary to the NYT report, the glasses are not an Android peripheral but rather they communicate with the cloud over IP.

Whatever, no doubt the mobile space will learn more about these Google X labs secret glasses in due course, whether they are for Android or not, we’ll find out when the Google guys are good and ready to dish the dirt.

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