New Intel Android running smartphone and tablet: Apple competitor

Looks like things will be hotting up nicely in the mobile space next year with the Android platform continuing to snap at the heels of Apple and their iOS devices, and it appears that there could be an Apple competitor on its way from Intel and Android that just might be able to topple the might of Apple gear.

According to the guys over at Technology Review they have played with prototype smartphones and tablets that feature the new Intel Medfield chip and run the Android operating system, and according to the VP of Intel’s architecture group Stephen Smith, we can expect devices based on Android and the Medfield to be announced in the “first half of 2012.”

Apparently the new Intel Medfield packing Android devices could make an appearance during CES in January. The Medfield chip is a significant jump forward in lower power consumption combining core functions of the Intel processor designs into one piece of silicon.

As for the prototype Android smartphone with the Intel Medfield chip, apparently its roughly the same size as the iPhone 4 but quite lighter, and was running Android Gingerbread, but by the time it does come out to play could possibly pack Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The guys say that the prototype Intel Android smartphone was pleasing to use and powerful, and is on par with the latest Android handsets and the iPhone 4S. Web browsing was fast and smooth, and could play Blu-Ray quality video and stream to a TV is required.

That’s about all that is know on this new Intel Android smartphone prototype at the moment, but no doubt come 2012 we’ll be hearing more about these new Medfield packing Android devices coming to the market, but can they really be a significant challenge to Apple gear?

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