iPhone with redesign possibly coming fall 2012

As you know, as Apple failed to deliver the redesigned iPhone 5 and opted to push out the slightly upgraded iPhone 4S, everyone is expecting the redesigned iPhone 5 to appear later in 2012, and word has come down that although it isn’t being referred to as the iPhone 5 but rather the next generation iPhone, word has it a redesigned iPhone will surface in the fall of 2012.

According to an article over on Slash Gear, the guys over at the Boy Genius Report are saying they are confident the next iPhone will launch in the fall of next year roughly about the same time as the iPhone 4S launched this year.

The guys, although not saying where their information comes from, says that the next iPhone will feature a plastic or rubber material similar to that of the Bumper case, which will be built into the new iPhone casing and possible used as a bezel for the front glass and will allow for the next generation iPhone to sport an aluminium back along with covering a “redesigned antenna system” and thus not having to use a plastic insert such as the one found on the Apple iPad 2 WiFi+3G.

So if true one can expect the next generation iPhone aka iPhone 5 to sport a redesign with an aluminium back plate, redesigned antenna and a plastic bezel, and that’s all that is known at this moment although there have been previous rumours that the next iOS smartphone will come out to play sporting a larger display.

As I stated earlier, no word on just where the BGR got the info or even if it is reliable so for now all this remains firmly in the rumours category until such times as more evidence surfaces, but one does have to say that if Apple wants to stay at the top of the game a redesigned iPhone 5 has to come in 2012.

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  1. I’d think this is a pretty safe bet.. Apple is not likely to let another year pass before releasing the iPhone 5. Whether it can meet expectations is another question. It’s difficult to see how Apple can wow audiences like before with the 5.. I would expect another evolutionary upgrade before a bigger leap with the iPhone 6.

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