Personalised iPad app for UK PM Cameron

It appears that the UK Prime Minister David Cameron is in need of a little help to keep his eye on the UK’s crime statistics, NHS waiting lists, and unemployment in the country and thus the word is the Cabinet Office is designing a personalised iOS app for the Prime Minister’s Apple iPad.

According to the guys over on The Next Web the Telegraph is reporting that programmers within the Cabinet Office are designing a new Apple iPad application to deliver the latest info across Whitehall to the PM.

The new iPad app will included all the info as mentioned above along with a wide variety of other available data, and apparently the idea for the personalised iPad app came via a trip by advisors to the United States.

Apparently the new iOS app will also deliver real time data from social networks such as Google+ and Twitter to help the PM utilise his Apple iPad for important government business.

However the PM does still like to get papers so he can add notes that can be reviewed by staff and also apparently stays in informal contact with other ministers and advisors by way of text messaging, and the new Apple iPad app for David Cameron is expected to be ready by March.

Isn’t it nice to know that your prime minister relies so much on Apple gear to keep up to date with what is going on in the UK.

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