US BlackBerry PlayBook price overhaul, be quick

As we enter into the start of 2012, sales of Research in Motion’s BlackBerry PlayBook are unfortunately still tarnished. With what was hoped to be strong rival competition against Apple’s iPad when it first released, has led to dropped sales and frustration felt by the Canadian company.

In order to entice US customers to buy the tablet device, its been reported that RIM have dropped the PlayBook’s price to a mere $299 on all models of the slate. According to theregister.co.uk, customers can now purchase either a smaller 16GB, 32GB or the bigger 64GB model from BlackBerry’s website for the above price. Advice is to be quick, as the price drop remains until February 4th.

Across the Atlantic in the UK, prices for the BlackBerry PlayBook have not changed, with customers being able to pick up the 16GB for £249 from BlackBerry, whilst the mid range 32GB at £329 and the 64GB at £409.

Interestingly prices over at retailer Dixons are showing as the 16GB priced at £169, whilst AmazonUK are retailing the same model for £197.99. The other two versions remain slightly more with the 64GB version priced at £339.90.

Are you now tempted to get a BlackBerry PlayBook with new reduced price? If so which model?

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