2012 Apple Predictions: iPhone 5 Fall Release

Analysts are reporting that the new Apple iPhone 5, will release this fall (autumn), now not being ones to rock the boat and spread hardcore rumours around just for fun, no one knows what the next-generation Apple smartphone will be called, let alone when it will be released.

We had an email sent to us via a reader that contained news by Cnet, they report that a research note from an investment bank claims that the iPhone 5 is coming this fall.

According to Tavis McCourt of Morgan Keegan, the new handset will hold around 50 percent of Apple’s total revenue in its next quarter, McCourt says that iPhone revenues to represent 47.5% of Apple’s total revenues in the December quarter. This means it will be up from 38.8% in the September quarter and up 39.1% in the year ago period.

iPhone shipments will see a rise from 27 million to 29 million, all the above is pure speculation and we here at Phones Review will not be holding our breaths until the official Apple announcement.

It is ok to have a little guessing game now and then about release dates, the design, specs etc, but this information that is purely speculated angers fans. Please do not shoot us; we are just the messenger letting you know what is happening and what is being said.

At one point we could most guarantee a new iPhone release month, but this all changed when June was thrown out of the window when Apple released the iPhone 4S in October.

What are your 2012 Apple iPhone 5 predictions?


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  1. This could end up being the phone of 2012, 2013 and possibly 2014.  I am not a big fan of Apple, but I have always given them credit for releasing amazing products.  I am in great anticipation for this device.

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