Smartphone that Helps in Making Coffee

Coffee and Smartphones; a great match from the very beginning. With the rise of technology and consumption of coffee, it was only a matter of time before the two would be “bred” together to make coffee drinking easier. Apart from the many different applications out there for how to make coffee, Starbucks locators, and everything else coffee related, and the talented minds of Briggo have sought to think outside of the Smartphone box.

Kevin Nater (Briggo CEO and President) and Charles Studor, have put together robotic baristas that are ran from kiosks, hoping to make coffee making faster, easier, and more personal for the customers. They plan on using only the best ingredients to let customers customize their drink of choice, and allow them to save it to their Smartphones. The process is run through ones Smartphone, to the kiosk, then to the coffee cup. The plan is for customers to send in their orders before they reach the store, giving the kiosk an estimated time of arrival, and an e-mail/text reply that allows the buyer to know when one’s drink is complete. This kiosk system is hoping to reduce lines in coffee shops for those in rushes during the morning hours.

The idea started after Studor after leaving Motorola/Freescale while helping construct a school in Honduras. While overseas, Studor developed a love of all things from the coffee culture. He has a natural love of cooking, and has the knowledge of understanding the importance of high quality products, which he is planning on using for the kiosks coffee makers.

There is currently a kiosk coffee maker being tested at the University of Texas, so the product hasn’t hit stores just yet. Their goal is to have customers everywhere (this includes airports, military bases, hospitals, government buildings, and more) to be able to enjoy great tasting coffee from a smarter and faster source of brewing.

Studor is currently working on incorporating organic coffee, gourmet syrups, natural milk, soy, and chai for all of the coffee products (but don’t worry, it makes more than just coffee, so you espresso/latte/cappuccino drinkers- they haven’t left you out). They are planning on using an organic bean found at an all woman-owned Peruvian farm to produce most of their coffee.

The application is the key component to the whole kiosk process. The application, which hasn’t been named yet, will allow customers to place their order and view the estimated brewing time, pay through their phone; all before reaching the store (which will soon acquire a Briggo kiosk). They are hoping to help change the way customers view their coffee drinking process and shave some time off any drinker’s busy schedule.

As stated before, the kiosk isn’t available for ordering yet. Briggo is currently working on final tests and looks to having their product installed in coffee shops within the next several years. They are currently working on creating a great brand and making solid roots in Austin, Texas before expanding their product. They are planning on releasing their product to set Briggo based locations around 2013.

While this all seems far away, have faith coffee drinkers. There are other lovers of coffee like you who are working hard to make our coffee drinking experience even better. For the mean time, we will all have to fuss with long lines and unsure orders as we frantically check our watches hoping we can make it to work on time. 2013, why are you so far away!

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