Learning Android Game Programming via eBook: Your Thoughts

If you love Android gaming and would love to learn all about it, you might be interested in the “Learning Android Game Programming” eBook, it also comes as a normal paper book also. You may want to build the next big Android game, if this interests you, then you may just like this one.

Learning Android Game Programming is quite in-depth and apparently based on the EndEngine, a start-to-finish guide in what the author calls winning games for the Android mobile device marketplace. Richard Rogers is the man behind this book, and will help those build on your knowledge to create 2D budget mobile games that are easy to sell.

Main Features of the book/eBook: Free Android tools for creating code/sound/artwork, bitmap and vector graphics, sprites, and animation, Integrate user input via touch, multitouch, keyboard, voice recognition, accelerometer, location, and compass. It also features infinite virtual worlds with tile maps, Find, acquire, modify, and use background music and sound effects, Create, save, and reuse powerful particle effects, as well as the ability to use AI techniques to make your games smarter and more fun.

Other features include: Implement the “game loop” that is at the heart of Android games, Implement highly realistic physics effects with Box2D, Bring your game to life with scene transitions and entity modifiers and Build a scoring framework based on collisions between your game elements.

Recap on what AndEngine is: This is basically an open source free game-development engine.

If you visit informIT they have a few options if you wish to purchase, the normal physical book costs $31.99, the eBook price is $25.59, or you could opt for the both thanks to the Book + eBook Bundle for $43.19.

If you already have Learning Android Game Programming, please do share your thoughts with us.

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