Ac1dsn0w Jailbreak getting iOS 5 untethered exploit

When you get a bucket and throw in delicious names like jailbreak, untether, iOS 5 and what about to make that extra flavour you chuck in Ac1dsn0w and exploit, you know the substance will be very exciting indeed.

The latest news comes via @imRel0ad on Twitter, who apparently is the Pwn Dev Team vice leader; anyway his tweet said that the Ac1dsn0w Jailbreak is getting iOS 5 untethered exploit.

After an email chat between imRel0ad and @pod2g, the nice fellow will share the iOS 5 untethered exploit, which means Ac1dsn0w untethered will be coming very soon.

Sharing the software will be great for many jailbreakers, just a quick recap about Ac1dsn0w; this is a Mac-only jailbreak utility. There is not much more to go on at the moment, but to ask if you will be using this once released.

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Source – iDB


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