iPhone 4S battery ups with ‘Surface Plus’ case

Since Apple’s new iPhone 4S officially landed in October of last year, it’s fair to say that the handset has been pulling in a tremendous number of users. Now the number is set to rise with the introduction of the handset in other countries such as China. Although the new smartphone wasn’t to be the completely overhauled iPhone 5 that many hoped and wanted, the new 4S was to bring new features.

Despite the new Siri voice recognition feature, A5 processor, 8MP camera and iOS 5 OS, one problem plaguing users was that of the poor battery life, and in recent times we’ve asked the question of whether, advances in technology will lead to problems such as this.

One issue facing iPhone owners is that the battery within the handset is not removable, something of which Android, Windows and BlackBerry users do benefit from. At the Las Vegas CES event being staged this week, a new “swappable battery” has been seen from company Seido, by the name of the “Surface Plus” case.

Offering as itproportal.com explained a 1,700mAh battery pack, the accessory allows the iPhone battery to come back to life when its completely drained away. The battery can merely be replaced when it’s run down, with the iPhone user being able to replace the removable inner battery with one that has already been charged.

Price wise, we are still in the dark, but it’s worth keeping your eyes and ears peeled for further information. Give us your thoughts on the new swappable battery from Seido?

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