Photo to Pinterest app for Android: Alternative

Everyone is asking the same question, is there going to be a Pinterest Android app, if so when will it be released, we can tell you right now that it will not be anytime soon. But we do have an alternative for you that works very well indeed.

Say hello to the new Photo to Pinterest app for Android, this runs lovely and those that are using it will vouch for it. This Android app allows users to upload photos direct to Pinterest.com, you must remember this is not an official app, but alternatives are good right?

All you need to do is visit the Android Market and install “Photo to Pinterest”; once this is done it will allow you to take a photo via your Android device from within the app, which then gives you the option to upload to Pinterest. Ok there are many apps on the market that can do this, but this one has good reviews, so why not give it a go, its free as well.

What you might like most of all, is that this app does not have any ads. Many Android customers are very disappointed that there is no official app; the iPhone has it so it is about time the Google lot got it.

Please remember, this application was not created by Pinterest.com


3 thoughts on “Photo to Pinterest app for Android: Alternative”

  1. there WAS a Pinterest app on the market a few weeks ago, ran great. Then I put a new Rom on my phone, went to reinstall it and they’d pulled it. No idea why, it was working beautifully. (was an official app afaik)

  2. Lani Fleming says:

    what happened to this app, I got a new phone and went to market to install and it is gone…this was a perfect alternitive for having no official app

  3. BYChivington says:

    My phone went in for repair, got it back & couldn’t remember the app name….came across this.  This was  it!  Yeah!….I thought!  What happened to the app?  It worked GREAT!

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