Temple Run Android app release, cheats and fans: Update

Temple Run is a game that is very successful for iOS gamers, and within the App Store many are raving about it, but what about Android gamers?

Well, you will be happy to know that the Temple Run Android app will release February 2012, so not long to wait now. According to the official Facebook page of this game next month is when it will come to your Android device.

Whilst you sit and wait for Temple Run Android, how about a couple of apps to get you ready, hopefully these come in handy for when you finally get your official game.

The first app is called “Temple Run Fan App” via the Android Market, millions of people already love this game and Android fans will be blessed with it next month, so this application basically gives you all the resources you need. It includes hacks, wallpaper images, high scores, char and so much more.

The second app is called “Temple Run Cheats +”, this one is self-explanatory really. Provides the user with all the cheats you need, as well as Temple Run Walkthrough information. Get this one via the Android Market right now; we will let you know when the official Temple Run Android game is available. Enjoy

Update: Temple Run for Android is not going to release today, we have more information on this as well as many fake scam Temple Run apps being spotted. Read more about this in full here.


42 thoughts on “Temple Run Android app release, cheats and fans: Update”

  1. Elrod Callie says:

    This is bull crap everyone was gettin exited that Temple run was comin out for android Feb 9 now I’m so not happy :'(( I hate whoever said that temple run was comin out for Android Feb 9.

  2. Keshundre Brock says:

    It is out now people if it isnt in ur android market u dont have the right phone so look up temple run game and it should be there enjoy

  3. Yeanykz says:

    Hey Der… Want powerups ? … Wile in the game, if u take a left or right turn compensate each by taking opposite turns … For example : if u take a right turn in beginning, the next turn u shud take is left .. If u don’t get a left turn take a right turn again n have a count on number of right turns u take n compensate those with left turns .. .. You will get more number of powerups thAn u used to get before …

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