iPhone self repairing case coming from Nissan

Well this one should really annoy iOS case makers, as apparently the word is Nissan has stepped into the iPhone case making game and have used their auto know how to come up with the world’s first “self repairing” iPhone case they are calling the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of 3D Car Shows, the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case is a robust case that features the companies Scratch Shield paint, which is a paint tech that enables fine scratched to mend themselves.

The Nissan self-healing paint technology was developed back in 2005 and is used on Nissan and Infinite models, and now Nissan is bringing that paint technology to the mobile world with the Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone case.

The scratch shield paint was developed by Nissan along with the university of Tokyo and Advanced Softmaterials Inc, and was initially designed for automotive use.

According to Nissan, “the case itself is made of ABS plastic — a high grade substance widely used in the automotive industry which is more rigid and robust than other plastics. The outer ‘paint’ is made from polyrotaxane, which means that when damage occurs to the coating in the form of a fine scratch, the chemical structure is able to react to change back to its original shape and fill the gap — ‘healing’ the blemish.”

Word is the initial batch of the Nissan Nissan Scratch Shield iPhone cases have been dished out to customers and journalists for Beta testing, and if it turns out that there is a strong demand for the case Nissan will consider putting said cases on sale to the public later in the year.

So what do our iPhone toting readers think about this new self repairing iPhone case, would you be eager to purchase one if Nissan made them available?

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