iPad for Business 2012, dumping the notebook

We all know just how popular the Apple iPad is, but apparently the iOS slate is also making great bounds in the business sector, such big bounds that it appears the faithful old trusty notebook is on its way out when it comes to the preferred tools in business according to a recent survey.

According to the guys over at 9to5 Mac, research company IDG has published a new survey with the title iPad for Business 2012, which can be downloaded as a PDF, shows that a whopping 91% of businesses that use the Apple iPad use the iOS tablet mostly for work.

Although apparently only a quarter of iPads were supplied as a corporate tool. 79% of IT professionals use their Apple iPad always when on the go whilst 59% sometimes or always use the slate in offline mode.

Over three-quarters of those surveyed say they used the device to surf the net, while 76% of professionals ay they always use their iOS tablet to read content. 73% use the device for reading news whilst 54% use it for work communication.

Thus it would appear that business are replacing the notebook with the Apple iPad, with 72% saying that their used their notebook less often because of the iPad, and roughly 1-6 businesses globally have replaced notebooks with iPads, 23% in Europe, whilst a staggering 83% say they are loyal to Apple.

So there you go, I guess it doesn’t really surprise that the corporate sector has adopted the use of the Apple iPad over the notebook really, as I am sure most people now opt for a tablet of some form over using a notebook or desktop, do you prefer using a tablet over a notebook or desktop?

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