iPhone & iPad Accessories: Expensive Gucci cases

If at some point you are in need of a new case for your iPhone or Apple iPad and love a designer name, as long as you have a bundle of spare dosh to throw away you can pick up a Gucci designed iOS case as the designer has now come up with a few iPhone and iPad cases.

According to the guys at Ubergizmo by way of Freshness Mag, the new iPhone and Apple iPad cases from Gucci are made of silicone and feature the Gucci logo all over the surface so your friends and faily will know your iOS device case is a Gucci case.

Apparently the Gucci cases are for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, although for some strange reason Gucci calls it the iPhone 4G and iPhone 4S, but as we all know Apple doesn’t have a 4G iPhone.

Anyway, the Gucci iPhone cases come in black, red (although I’d say orange) and green, and command a price tag of 90-bucks a pop, which seems a tad expensive just for a case to me, whilst if you are in the market for a Gucci case for your Apple iPad 2 the pricing starts off at $160 each.

Personally I wouldn’t fork out such an expense for a smartphone or tablet case, but no doubt there are those iOS faithful out there that are willing to give their treasured device a little Gucci love so if your wish to purchase one you can do so by hitting up the Gucci website.

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