Need a doctor for your smartphone? Book iPhone surgery

Many of us are joined at the hip to our iPhones and when it breaks or stops working so can our lives… temporarily anyway! iPhone Surgery, a new repair service understands this, it was born out of a love of Apple iPhones and the appreciation that the loss of our phone is a major inconvenience that must be treated as soon as possible. An independent specialist iPhone repair company based near Oxford, iPhone Surgery has a small and dedicated repair team who know how important these smartphones are to their owners and treat each of them like it is their own.

The goal is to repair your iPhone as quickly and with as little stress to you as possible. The team are completely dedicated to high-quality customer service, and will keep you informed during every step of the repair process. Simply select your iPhone model and required repair, book the repair online, pop the iPhone in a jiffy bag and post it to the workshop and have your iPhone repaired rapidly in either a 48 or 24 hour turnaround time.

The service is fully guaranteed with a ‘no fix, no fee’ policy and there are no hidden charges. Customers can enjoy competitively priced repairs carried out by fully trained UK technicians, who use next day postage as standard with £500 insurance. Customers get email notifications at every stage of the repair, and contact can be made by phone, email or the live chat function on the website.

Always on the look out to improve and broaden the outstanding service, the team have now introduced a SIM reader repair for iPhone 3G and 3GS, which is aimed to fix phones that display “no sim” when the sim card is inserted. As well as applying their expert knowledge to giving iPhones a much-needed new lease of life, the team at iPhone Surgery love to transform iPhones with cosmetic ‘facelifts’ too. For 2012 the team can now transform your iPhone 4 into a wide variety of colours and the conversion includes a new front, back and home button. Details of these new services are available on the website.

The iPhone Surgery is a quick, honest, no-nonsense repair service that ensures your iPhone is repaired promptly and sent back to you in good working order.


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