Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note successor: Notable changes

As the Samsung Galaxy S2 is such a huge success obviously there is quite a bit of interest in the handsets successor, the Galaxy S3 and no doubt the S3 will be as big a success of the S2 or more so. So what we have for your consideration today is an image taken from a Samsung presentation video that could possibly be the next Galaxy model.

According to the guys over at GSMdome, the picture of the Galaxy device pops up at the 7-11 minute mark and shows that the handset has a much thinner bezel, and apparently some have speculated that this device could be a Samsung Galaxy Note successor or a modified Note design or even the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Have to say, the device in the video below doesn’t stay on the screen for too long and there not much we can tell from the image, but the guys do say this is definitely a Galaxy unit, but whether it is the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is rumoured to be unveiled during Mobile World Congress 2012 remains to be seen.

One thing is quite notable though, whatever device the handset is, it does have a very thin bezel, and the YouTube blurb with the video does make mention of the Galaxy Note, but no mention of the Galaxy S3, so one could presume from that, that this device is probably a modified Galaxy Note, or even its successor.

When it comes to rumoured specs for the Samsung Galaxy S3, word has it the device will sport a 4.6-inch next generation Super AMOLED touch screen along with a quad core Exynos processor, and the guys say worse case the handset will have a 2GHz dual core CPU, 12 megapixel camera, 1GB or more of RAM and 32GB internal memory.

Anyway I’ll leave it right there and let you head on down to hit that play button and check out the Galaxy device to see if you feel it is the Galaxy S3 or a Galaxy Note…enjoy.

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One thought on “Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note successor: Notable changes”

  1. I will probably be upgrading to this, the 4s is already surpassed by the galaxy s2, I expect something great from the S3.

    What I think of the rumored specs?
    1. CPU sounds good, is this dual core?
    2. Screen size larger than S2, nice
    3. 12 Megapixel camera – don’t care about anything over 8 megapixel, just improve picture quality and blur handling.
    4. Amoled screen – Would rather them use the OLED even if flat to save battery
    5. 2GB of ram, very nice and about time.. My S1 has something silly like
    328mb which is always around 70% used at base, not clever.

    What I would like to see for my money:

    1. Internal memory is interchangable high speed flash memory

    2. Internal and external support high speed large size flash memory cards

    3. Same design as the S2 but no more flimsy plastic back

    4. Accessible boot and close down sounds and animation logos (would save a lot of people rooting their phones to change this)

    5. Battery life on my S1 is 1 day if i don’t use it, 1/2 a day when in use, would be good to improve this

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