Bothersome SOPA could bury iPhone jailbreak

Jailbreaking your Apple iPhone in United States is legal, and we know that the US Government made it so back in 2010, but what would happen if SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) wins? In some countries such as the UK it is illegal, so let’s concentrate on the American market for now and look at what will happen if SOPA get’s their way.

SOPA will make its mark on jailbreaking software and it will be made illegal, this is simply down to jailbreaks containing the Apple reversed-engineered IP, iDB mentions that with one simple phone call via the Cupertino Company could put into motion the shutting down of websites that host such jailbreaking software.

The SOPA saga is still making waves through congress, so at the moment no one knows the future of the Internet etc, so far we know that sites such as Wikipedia, Google, Reddit and many others are bringing awareness of what can be if SOPA wins.

To learn more about SOPA please visit Gizmodo, Brian Barret has put together a great article explaining it in detail.

Joshua Hill aka p0sixninja via Chronic Dev Team has mentioned that SOPA may put forward the distribution of jailbreaking software illegal. If this is the case then SOPA will bury the iPhone jailbreak world.

Before you answer the question below, please do take a look at our previous article explaining a little about the new Boycott SOPA app.

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