Absinthe jailbreak download problems: Mac & Windows

The new Absinthe A5 jailbreak, for Mac and Windows has been released, this means users can load this new untethered exploit onto the iPhone 4S and of course the iPad 2, this is huge.

We have already talked about the new Absinthe jailbreak, but it does come with its own set of problems, earlier on today we reported that there has been another update that fixes to known problems.

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mentioned that heading onto social networking site Twitter, developer Planetbeing wanted us all to know that they have updated the Mac version, which is now at v0.2, this includes: tries to fix no reboot after activating VPN/tapping Absinthe icon. As well as fixing white icons on Springboard after jb.”

If you have downloaded the new Absinthe A5 jailbreak, please do let us know if you have experiences problems, please do let us know if you are Mac or Windows, and if you are using the iPhone 4S or iPad 2?

Any problem no matter how small or big, we want to know about them.


147 thoughts on “Absinthe jailbreak download problems: Mac & Windows”

  1. Jagtar29 says:

    hi.. i just jailbroken 4S with Absinthe today afternoon. Installed Cydia, then” bitesms “, ” iFile ” and last “Folders in Folders” before it went for Restart. And since then its been in Restart Loop.. please help me… 
    I am on OS 5.0.1, Factory Unlocked Phone.

  2. Jerome Groscolas says:

    The Absinthe A5 jailbreak runs well on my 4s through my macbook pro. It was quite quick, and works well. Not any problem. I’ll try with my Ipad2 later, i’ll tell you about it.


  3. Samuellyles says:

    When trying to jailbreak its get all the way past the reboot phase and then i get a message saying that absinthe has quit working I have to close it out and try again. I’ve done it several times with same outcome

  4. Siddharth says:

    In my case the cydia icon completely disappeared! neither was it there on spotlight search… 🙁 and once the phone icon went blank. Restored it, scared to re-jailbreak..

  5. Nick D says:

    trying to jailbreak but everytime i open the app absinthe quits unexpededly. rebooted, restarted, re downloaed the app, and still the same thing. i am running lion and im trying to jailbreak my 4s.

  6. Guest says:

    iPhone 4s, running Windows version of Absinthe downloaded this morning. Everything works until I go to launch the Absinthe icon. I get the “Absinthe is now setting things up…” screen but it never reboots. I’ve let it sit for an hour and I’ve retried the whole process. I will have to restore and try again,

  7. Roger A Mohan says:

    Hi guys, here’s my issues. I tried windows version absinthe and it kept hanging up saying jailbreak started, this may take awhile. It went on for over an hour and tried it numerous times. I tried the CLI steps it it kept saying something about the file being too large to process.

    I reset my phone and restored, then I tried to run absinthe again with the same issue. I attempted CLI version and it seemed to be running fine. I went through all of the steps and at the very end when I toggled VPN it did not reboot. I tried toggling numerous times to no avail. I rebooted my phone manually and it works fine but no jailbreak., no Cydia. Under settings>general>profile it says jailbreak.

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  8. Tintspectrum says:

    Does not work, did they test this on more than one iPhone before they released it? I know they worked hard on this, buy I have tried on 3 different iPhones with two different PC’s and tried downloading multiple time incase I got a bad download and it just keeps hanging up.

  9. jdph222 says:

    My problem is that after I download the program, extract the files and everything once i try to actually run the application it ‘quits unexpectedly’. I have the 45 and a mac book running IOS 5.0.1..

    Any tips?

  10. Brett Brady says:

    I JB my iPad 2 (5.0.1, 9A405) last night and this morning none of my iTunes music is playing. I’ve tried toggling the “iTunes Match” button to no avail. Any suggestions aside from deleting and importing all my music again?

  11. I77e177o12ie says:

    the jailbreak worked fine for me, but I did encounter battery drainage problem after jail breaking my iPhone 4s. I’ve restored it and jail broke it again, and still the same problem. I’m losing like 2 percent of battery power on stand every 30 minutes. please let me know if anyone else has got the same problems..

  12. Bob says:

    i had the problems where it quit unexpectedly after many tries and several lab tops. i redownloaded absinthe from a different site other than where i downloaded it the first time and it worked fine for me. dont ask me but it worked.

  13. Derekcaliboy says:

    the only bad this i got was after i jailbroke it i cant turn off the phone without sbsettings. the red bar doesnt show what i hold the lock button 🙁

  14. Unome says:

    Downloaded absinthe for windows and ran it.Plugged in my iPad 2 and it was recognized and the jailbreak button turned live.Pressed the jailbreak button and it started normally but after about 20 mins it crashed. Unplugged the iPad and rebooted both the computer and my iPad and started again.Ran absinthe and plugged in my iPad .This time a message popped up telling me I had tried to jailbreak my device and it had failed and that the program would try and reset the device. Shortly after this a message popped up telling me to unplug and then plug back in my iPad.I did this and the jailbreak button came on.Then I pressed the jailbreak and it started but again after about 20 mins the program crashed,so again I unplugged the iPad, rebooted the computer and tried again about 5 more tries, with the same result of the program crashing.

    1. I have this exact problem, mine only goes for about 5mins before i get “absinthe.exe has stopped working” Close Program”  just used the Absinthe V3 and still have the same issue. 

      On iPhone 4S – 5.0.1 (9A405)
      On Windows 7

  15. I Am Malick says:

    After installing Absinthe onto my IPad one is to tap the Icon, once this is done you connect and the Icon is supposed to change mine disconnects from the net and nothing happens further.

  16. Dirkster says:

    I jailbroke my I pad 2 first and then my I phone 4s with no problems on windows 7.  You must run the program as administrator and in compatibility mode like for xp service pack 3.  Give it a try.

  17. I waited about an hour to attempt to jailbreak my 4s on Windows 7 but the progress bar doesnt move. I tried for a second time for 45 minutes and still nothing happens. The first time I tried I noticed my photos and videos were gone. I tried jailbreaking for a third time and opened up my photos and everything was gone. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Lmpnizkit says:

    I’ve downloaded and tried all three versions and experience the same problem with each one.  On my mac os x 10.5.8 it just refuses to open.  It quits “unexpectedly” every time I try to open it.  When I use windows through bootcamp it simply does not acknowledge my iPad 2.  PLEASE help with these issues. 

  19. Guest says:

    For people who are stuck at the “Absinthe is setting things up, please stand by” screen, and have tried everything from resets to VPN fix without success, please carry out a firmware shift click restore through iTunes (after backing up, of course). It worked after that. All the best!

  20. Stech1128 says:

    Using Windows 7 32bit
    Backed up iphone using iTunes to computer not icloud
    Restore iphone with iTunes to 5.0.1
    Setup as new iphone, did not use backup
    Ran Absinthe, jailbreak took about 2 minutes
    Signed in with apple ID and sync apps, photos, etc
    Jailbroken now with previous apps, etc

  21. Josue2740 says:

    I tried to jailbreak my iPhone4S and I had use Absinthe software 3.0 I don’t know what is the error code but it’s it has a problem after finished the backup and I don’t know what to do please help me

  22. Artstar75 says:

    Hi I previously jail broke my ipad 2 with absinthe for windows. Tonight I rebooted my device and it wouldn’t boot past apple logo. After playing around with it for a while, I decided I had to restore it. I had just added a few tweaks to it tonight as well as dream board. So when I restored it I didn’t add any tweaks other than dream board which I then proceeded to use and it worked fine. I restored my apps and just out of curiosity I decided to reboot my device again and lo and behold it wouldn’t bootagain its as if the device is acting like a tethered boot. Any ideas? Anybody as have this happen to them.

  23. Hi, I try with linux but the absinthe does not start, I tried in my Mac “inexpected” message and close and finally Win7 does worked too, so I belive that is a conspiration…, I am going to wait for a estabilish version, or probably the absinthe must come more sets or pre requires to work correctly, see ya

  24. Tkt123125 says:

    i tried doing it then it worked fine until i got to the actual app on the ipad 2 named “absinthe” the setting things up part took about an hour and now in a green box it says jailbreak but it says something about the url

  25. Andrewzynga says:

    I jailbroke my ipad 2 but then i unjailbreaked it. Now I tried again and when ever i try again it says you attempted to jailbreak your device but there was a problem. It says then the problem has been solved but then it says it again. 

  26. Lightsnap24 says:

    i try to click jailbreak bur it  says that this devise my i pad2 ios 5.0.1 has been tried to be jail broken before then it restore or something and says to unplug and plug back in to jailbrake but it just keeps doing that every time i try

  27. Jrsully88 says:

    When I try opening the Absinthe application on my macbook, I get the warning message, “The application Absinthe-1 quit unexpectedly.”  I click relaunch and it says the same thing.  I have tried downloading Absinthe from multiple websites.  Does anyone know how to open this application?! Thank you!

  28. user says:

    i have a windows and a 4s and i downloaded the greenpois0n absinthe and it downloaded fine and it started up fine and i plugged my phone in to jailbreak i turned off the passcode and backed it up on icloud and then i started the jailbeak and it just says beginning jailbreak this may take a while.. well i left my phone to jailbreak for over an hour and it didnt do anything. ive tried so many times and i dont know whats wrong.

  29. Scoozamepleez says:

    Iphone 4S ios 5.0.1 JB with Absinthe untethered, worked perfectly took less than ten minutes, I did a new backup of Iphone in itunes before the JB just in case. I did get the dreaded white icon problem a couple of times, turned off Iphone and rebooted to find JB no longer working. Cydia icon does nothing. Restored Iphone to normal and re did JB. Again worked perfectly in less than 10 minutes. Again copped the white icon a couple of times with several different icons…Hit google and researched some answers… installed iwipe cache from cydia seemed to solve the problem also researched that buying an app from cydia does the trick too, not sure how but I have done this as well and no more problems with the white icon. All functions of the iphone work great siri is a legend now and does lots more. It seemed like my first JB went pear shaped when I installed an app not suited to 5.0.1 so keep an eye on that. I havn’t rebooted yet as I have had no need and since I have done heaps of tweaks I don’t want to risk losing them all again. Iwipe cache seemed to solve the white disapearing icon problem that soo many are having, phone is fast and works great. Hope this helps someone.

  30. Neematabarani says:

    My iMessage says it delivers my picture but the recipient never receives it.  I’ve restored it and I jailbroke it again and I still have the same problem. Thoughts?

  31. Jake Tubby 1993 says:

    when i try to jailbreak my iphone 4s with absinthe on windows it gets half way through and then comes up absinthe has stopped working and then closes out of the jailbreak and doesnt work can someone help please !!!!!!

  32. Nimoria says:

    the jail break on my ipad2 was successful last night with the absinthe, how ever after purchasing an app for free the second  app keeps giving me billing issue and wouldn’t let me buy anything . even the free apps are something it wouldn’t allow any more the only thing i can do is update my existing ones…any take on that? how do i go about fixing this problem? shall i restore my ipad and start all over again? im using window XP if that helps at all

  33. Emaildannyparr says:

    I have a windows and iPhone 4s. The jailbreaks except the absinthe app does not work and the VPN in setting gives me the error and won’t reboot my phone. I’ve tried twice now.

  34. bhigpoppa says:

    downloaded absinthe jb on windows for 4s it failed a few times i figured because when it sais unlock screen and click absinthe app so it can finish installing i had to take my passcode lock off for it to work. when i finayl got thrrough i downloaded intellscreenx cracked and siritoggle and every time i would try to open my apps it would display in 1 corner of the screen and around it was black…………huh?restored it too much hassle

  35. Cheetos says:

    i downloaded the latest absinthe jailbreak for windows and apps i download from installous keeps on disappearing after using them for sometime after downloading this is so silly if someone can help will be great thanks

  36. Phannafin says:

    The jailbreak works great, only taking about 2 min, I got white icons at first, i added SB settings which took care of that issue. The issue I have now is with my mail, it seems to be intermittent when the phone switches from WiFi to 3G, this was not an issue before the jailbreak. Is anyone else seeing this problem?


  37. Chuck says:

    The jailbreak worked at first but when I got a app it somehow installed winterboard and all of my apps where half the size they should be and the top of the screen was a colorful static so i restored it but i would like to know what the problem is before i update my ipad,

  38. Bexleigh69 says:

    i have the ipad 2 and im trying to jailbreak it, have already somehow lost all my music in the process and becoming frustrated, try to download absinthe for mac and a window comes up and says safari cannot download.. what am i missing?

  39. deadeye0069 says:

    trying to jailbreak iPad 2 ver 5.0.1 on mac lion. Downloaded many copies of absinthe but everyone crashes upon opening. VPN is off. Any help?

  40. Mathewkast says:

    I have an iPhone 4s .. The 5.0.1 jailbreak worked fine for a while.. But later my phone battery started to die dramatically .. Talking 2 percent at least a minute.. Then when it gets down to about 40 or 30 percent it will suddenly drop to 1 percent and die saying it needs to be plugged in to charge. Ill wait a couple minutes and It will turn back on to where it left off.. Idk if it’s because of the jailbreak.. Or maybe it’s my battery. I have switched the colors of the glass a few times. Maybe the battery is just trash.

  41. Nabil mz says:

    i have jailbroken my iphone 4s 5.1 using absinthe 0.4.3 ,after finish a message appear go to ur screen and look for absinthe, i found absinthe and open i,t after a time a message appear tap jailbreak to open setting and turn on vpn, i tap the jaiilbreak button and a second message appear, absinthe was not possible to open
    error: not possible to show the URL
    i open youtube to help me fix the problm, a vidoe show when this message come
    absinthe was not possible to open
    error: not possible to show the URL
    go to ur setting and turn on the vpn and a message will come cannot conect to vpn tap ok ur iphone will automactly reboot and ul have cydia installed
    i follow the istruction i go to setting turn on vpn then again a message come cannot conect to vpn i tap ok but is not rebooting
    i tried reboot manualy
    the cydia icon dint show up and the absinthe icon is still on the screen
    i tried  3/4 times nothing happens
    can anyone please help for better solution
    ill apreciate it

  42. Jayminibragato says:

    I tried to jailbreak my iphone 4s with the new 5.1.1 jailbreak from absinthe and it said it was successful. Then my phone rebooted and started to restore from my previous back up. Now my iphone looks exactly like before but theres still no sign of it being jailbroken aswell as there not being a the cydia.. What’s going on??? Please help me out by emailing me at jayminibragato@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you so much in advance!

  43. Kirlenko476 says:

    i downloaded with the 5.1.1 absinthe 2.0 cant get winterboard.  the message says my firmware is out of date…how do i get the new firmware

  44. deiby del rosario says:

    i dont know why absinthe 5.1.1 do not launch in my pc, i got a dell with windows vista and when i click the icon of absinthe after download it, i only see a black box with many codes going down.

    1. Matt Rasband says:

       That’s extracting it to a new sub folder for whatever reason – double check to be sure there isn’t a new folder under that one that has absinth (again).  Then run that as an admin – and you should be good to go. 

      That’s how it was on my windows box too

    2. Bigred4020 says:

      Right click it, hit run as administrator an then go back into the file u should see a greenpoison emblem with a shield on it then right click it an hit run as administrator

  45. Ryanstacyharris says:

    when i open cydia in the sections spoth there is none when i finally found a winterboard place it says i need more sources what do i do plz help?

  46. Death says:

    i tried jailbreaking my ifone 4s and worked perfectly,, but wen i jailbroke my bro’s ipod touch 4g cydia doesnt appear ! help !!

  47. Gibbonsshane1 says:

    when i try to jailbreak my ipad 2 when i press jailbreak it says it may take a while and then after a while it comes up absinthe has stopped working
    help please

  48. i had jailbroke my ipod 4g and it worked prefectly, but men it comes up with my iphone4, absinthe won’t work, it’ll ether freeze up while its jailbreaking or it’ll say “Sorry. the attached device is not supposrted” what do i do ?

  49. Sherwinhufana says:

     new absinthe works for me but i install winterboard manually using ifunbox but the winterboard crashed it wont open..

  50. Xrs814 says:

    absinthe wont open on my windows 7 computer. i downloaded it multiple times, and everytime i open it, it shows the black box with a bunch of writing moving in it. help??

    1. Kbahmanyar says:

      Try extracting it with something like winrar or winzip. But stil the bst thing to do is forget jailbreak i no its cool and all games r free and theres tweaks etc. but the chances of u jailbreaking it completely flawlessly is really low and ur probably just going to end up with getting all ur main apps deleted and wishing u never jailbroke it.

  51. Cherrygirl_305 says:

    i jailbroke my iphone 4s, but it doesnt work with my micro-tmobile sim card.! i have tried the whole day, it says “SIM not valid” HELPPP!

  52. Kalliiiiiiii says:

    i jailbroke my phone and now cydia is gone.. jailbreaking was pointless because now i cant download anything and i cant find the cydia download anywhere.

  53. Gorgeous_Guy says:

    i have ipad 2 and used absinthe 2.0 to jb it on ios 5.1.1, the process was smooth and i was able to download a lot of tweaks that i think are useful for me. but when i downloaded winterboard, the icons on the screen became small and then when i tried to go to cydia to remove it i cannot access it anymore(cydia) no matter how i tried. then i tried to go to settings it wont work as well.. i tried to reboot it hoping it will work fine but no to avail.. please help

  54. Mero4400 says:

    my photos are gone i need them urgent 
    and the widows keep sayin that absith “has stopped working and close the absinth 
    i cant get back my photos i need help!!!!

    1. MZDNICE says:


  55. eddie says:

    everytime i run absinthe it just give me a black screen with a bunch of codes and it run for like 1 minute then it closes…. and im on windows xp

  56. Crodda1 says:

    Ran Absinthe just fine on ipd 3g, cydia up and running, but none of my previous jailbroken apps will load.  Any suggestions?

  57. johnel says:

    Absinthe 2.0.2 in windows 7 runs, extracts the files showed on cmd and then closes cmd with no further action. Just nothing happens

  58. Crodda1 says:

    Just tried again, this time using the latest version, on Windows 7, ipod3g.  Cracked apps will not load. Cydia running fine.

  59. Jcheongaa says:

    I have this problem when I am trying to Jailbreak my iphone 4:

    Error message : absinthe.exe has stopped working
    A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windoes will close the program and notify you if a solution is available

  60. Ligon says:

    This sucks. I had jailbreak on my i4 5.0.1 and after I did this jailbreak with (5.1.1) all default system applications disappeared…

  61. chris says:

    Since jailbreaking 3 days ago and 10+ hours of trying to fix this, I cannot get my phone to sync. I tried just about everything on the first 10 pages of google search results. ANYONE else have this problem, I hate nmot being able to sync my phone. I get and error trying to restore over the icloud and i get error 00012 when i connect with usb right away….device isnt recognised at all and absinthe shows lockdown error -5.

  62. George Pugeva says:

    Today I have jailbreak my iPhone 4s running iOS 5.1.1 using absinthe 2.0.4. It was successful and I have been using it the whole day today but just 20 mins ago something happened. If open a app the page minimizes to the top left corner 🙁 I can close them but I couldn’t read or do anything. I received messages but when I open to read them it minimizes or say, zoom to the top left corner. I turned it off and turn it on again but still the same. Tried jailbreak it again but I couldn’ because password it on and I couldn’t turn it off, also it says I have already jailbreak the device. Now I’m using the iTune to restore it to its factory default. Not even sure what I’m doing but I hope it works. Any idea guys? please I need your help! 🙁

    1. Carbonblack13 says:

      i have the same problem my iphone 4 ios 5.1,1 got jailbroken and it had all the icons at first but when i clicked cydia to prepare file extracting it went out of cydia and then all my icons went away exept youtube newsstand weather need help if i restore and upgrade will it be okay

  63. Carrie Mace says:

    I used Absinthe 2.0.2 today to jailbreak my iphone 3gs.  Once it was up and running, I clicked the Cydia icon and it rebooted my phone and now I am missing my phone, message, mail, camera and cydia icons!  I had a friend text me and my chime rang but I cannot retrieve it.  I am pretty much freaking out.  I am def a novice on tech stuff, so please help me 🙂

  64. Jarrett says:

    I had tried to download siri port onto my iphone 3GS (5.1.1) without knowing that siriport cannot run on ios 5.1 or higher. The phone then becomes bricked and so i restored it and rejailbroked it with Absinthe. I open up cydia, then it exits out and resprings. I was like that was weird but then i unlock my phone and my messages, phone, callender and basically all of my stock apps were gone. I tried Rebooting it and nothing changed. Now im restoring for the second time….what a pain. Please make some adjustments or have a untether jail break for Redsn0w.

  65. Littlepig says:

    Absinthe installed and jailbreak works fine, thank you and great work to everyone involved. The only issue I have is the installous apps not having any volume/ audio. iPad 3rd gen.

  66. Y_cjin2 says:

    Hi, i have a problem with downloading apps from Installous. When the apps is in the process of downloading, it will dissappear if i lock my ipad2 or changing to other apps. Is there any way to fix this? Btw, i am windows user… Thanks

  67. Lilstetson says:

    Ok so i got everything downloaded and then when i got to my ipod i clicked on cydia and then all of a sudden it starts backing up in itunes and when i look back at my ipod it turns of and reboots. When it came back on all of my apps were gone. I just dont know what to do to fix this if anyone has any idea on a fix please message me back asap

  68. your mom's house says:

    Jailbroke my ipod 4g, it was succesful! but then when I tried to put the info from the back up on the ipod all my default apps were gone! I don’t have weather, maps, safari, itunes, music, settings, etc. I don’t even have cydia! Idk what to do, I don’t have a warranty and itunes won’t let me back it up for some reason. right now I’m relying on the 5.1.2 update to fix it but if it doesn’t, then wow I just got raped by this jailbreak.

  69. Noznbook63 says:

    I have an iPad2, running 5.1.1.  Used Absinthe to JB.  Worked fine, until I realized that my music won’t play.  Volume controls look to be working (and yes, I’ve checked to make sure it’s not muted…).  When I toggle the switch on the side I get the little box, but it says “sound effects” above the speaker icon.  Never saw that before.  Any ideas as to how to fix it?  Any and all help is GREATLY appreciated!!!  Thanks!!

  70. Kbahmanyar says:

    To every one who is having problems opening absinthes on windows try extracting it to somewhere like desktop. There should be a folder now. Try going on the absinthes in the folder.

    Hop it helpef 😉

  71. Lisa says:

    after dowloading the new Absinthe jailbreak for mac onto my iphone, the icons started dissappearing and I had to restore the phone to its factory settings on itunes.  Has this probem been reported or resolved yet?

  72. Itutakhil says:

    Everytime i try to open one of my app it crashes, it doesnt even let me in to the app.
    Even my ” safari ” crashes?! Please help me.

  73. Chandler Gartman says:

    I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.1. When i download absinthe onto my Mac running Mountain Lion it will not respond when i click on it. I have tried moving it to the applications folder, desktop, and downloading it from different sources. Nothing seems to work.

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