Absinthe jailbreak update for Mac: fixes two problems

Just this morning, we gave you news that the Absinthe jailbreak tool once available for Apple’s iPhone 4S and iPad 2, is now available for Windows, in the form of the A5 jailbreak. Click here for more details. Adding to this, we now wanted to fill you in with news that the Mac version has now been updated thanks to the Chronic Dev Team.

Jailbreaking your device(s) will now be made easier from the Absinthe jailbreak update, which as idownloadblog.com reported, brings Absinthe to version 0.2. Previously problems with the app were recognized including, devices not rebooting after activating the VPN settings and the sighting of white icons.

Heading onto social networking site Twitter, developer Planetbeing was keen to tweet, “Mac version updated. v0.2: Tries to fix no reboot after activating VPN/tapping Absinthe icon. We also tried to fix white icons on Springboard after jb.”

After this, Planetbeing wanted to advise those that whilst using the new Absinthe app version, white icons may be seen which can be rectified by installing an app from Cydia, along with if Absinthe crashes, restarting the device and trying again is advised.

To find out more head on over to idownloadblog.com for more information. Let us know how you get on?

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