Android Must: Camera, screen size or battery life?

The mobile phone world is getting busy with new releases, but it is hard to say if they are handsets or tablets these days as they are on the borderline with screen sizes. Many customers have different reasons in what they are looking for when it comes to smartphones, and this is where our readers come in to play to get to the bottom of it.

Many go on the design, screen size, battery life, camera, and processing power etc, where do you come into this?

On a personal note we believe that mobile phone screen sizes should stay in the 4.5-inch region, anything bigger than this in our minds turns into a phablet, you know half phone half tablet. We all know that the a few mobile phones with decent screen sizes that are winners already are the Galaxy Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S2 and many more, even the Galaxy Note has hit the 5.3-inch screen size, which many do like.

We will not go into great detail because we would like to get to the point of this article, battery life is dismal on a few smartphones, camera size is very important to many customers as well. It is hard to say what customers love the most nowadays when it comes to what they chose the phone for in the first place.

So please do let us know, what is your Android must when it comes to choosing a smartphone, is it the camera, screen size or battery life, or something completely different?

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