Absinthe jailbreak for Linux, v0.3 update

The new Absinthe jailbreak (Untethered) for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 was released a few days back now, and those using Windows and Mac have had a few problems downloading, but this seems to have been sorted now. Well now it is time for Linux users to get in on the act, so here are a few details.

Absinthe has now been updated to v0.3 that now includes the Linux version, thanks to the Chronic Dev Team. If you already have the new jailbreak utility you do not need to try downloading the new update, as there is nothing new here. There have been a few minor changes and a fix for a rare bug that most won’t encounter, according to iDB.

@pimskeks (Chronic Dev Team member) mentions that the Absinthe update includes a potential bug fix for win32, not many people have been affected by this though, so nothing to worry about.

Even if you did try to re-apply the jailbreak you will be refused anyhow, somehow it detects if your device has been jailbroken. This is really great news for Linux users, happy days for those then as they say.

If you are a Linux user, please do let us know if you try out the Absinthe jailbreak?


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  1. Doesn’t seem to work. Anybody else tried the Linux version. Using Ubuntu 11.10 64 bit. Seems to hang at the “Absintee is now loading things up, please stand by..” Tried the so called VPN on trick/re-jailbreaking, deleting the icon from my ipad-2, etc, etc. But no cigar. Any ideas?

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